Crimson Plumes

Plumes of brilliant crimson

Splayed across white walls

Sparkling in stark contrast

Chaos in an ordered world

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Real Madrid, Zidane, and the Future

So here is an announcement which, it might be fair to say, took no one by surprise. Rafa Benitez, sacked by Real Madrid; Zinedine Zidane, his successor. This, after Madrid President, the construction magnate Florentino Perez, had given him a ‘vote of confidence’ a mere two months ago. This, after Zidane had very recently said, “I had the feeling that I still lacked something to take over the first team.” There is here something to be said about the value of anyone’s word in football today. Continue reading

Charles Harris

Charles Harris was beautiful. There was no other way to put it. A chiseled, streamlined face, a pronounced jaw, and along with those, the most striking eyes that most people had ever seen. They were pale blue, almost grey. Dreamy, faraway, haunting and yet piercing when he chose to fix his gaze at anyone. Continue reading